Daily Playgroup (18months - 4years)

A Happy Hedgehog programme

2 hour programme 

8.15am ~ 10.15am 

3 hour programme

8.15am ~ 11.15am

3 hour programme includes an hour of lesson conducted in Chinese.

Thematic Purposeful Play Programme

Language (Bilingual)



Cultural and Science

Story Telling

Music and Movement

Arts and Craft


Practical Life exercises with lessons on Good Habits and Positive Virtues

Nurture child's intrinsic motivation and independence

Happy Hedgehog Playgroup is a daily programme for toddlers to start their learning journey in a loving learning environment with peers of similar age group. It builds on the benefit of purposeful play, integrating Thematic and the Montessori approach into our curriculum.


One characteristic of our daily program is the incorporation of positive virtues in our curriculum. While celebrating the various milestones our students have met in their growing up years, we want to build their character which can enable them to make the right choices in their future.

Programme Fee per Term (10weeks): $1,100 (2hours) / $1,450 (3hours)

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