Daily Project Workgroup (3-6years)

Before and After School Programme

Timing for 3 hour programme (Monday~ Friday)

2.30pm ~ 5.30pm

Timing for Full Day Programme (Monday~ Friday)

Full Day: 11am ~7.00pm


Shine Project Workgroup is a before/after school programme for preschoolers. The programme is building on three main pillars.


1) Collaboration work through Project

We are adopting a project approach to learning about the world, which in today's context, is changing at an extremely fast rate. Through Project Investigation, children's ideas are valued, creativity encouraged, interest nurtured and learning needs being met.

2) Independent learning through purposeful play

Our students will be given opportunity to construct their knowledge at their own pace in a prepared environment with the supervision of a facilitator. This period being allocated aims to cultivate the intrinsic motivation of a child's desire to learn / master a skill.

3) Inspiring the practice of positive virtues

​One characteristic of our daily program is the incorporation of positive virtues and good habits in our curriculum. While celebrating the various milestones that our students have met in their growing up years, we want to build their character which can enable them to make the right choices in their future.


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