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SHINE EDUHUB, being in the training and education industry for 3 years, has continuously seek to nurture and empower youth and their family members, not to just equip them with the relevant skills and how to apply, but focus on our key values of INTENTION, PURPOSE, RESPONSIBILITY.

From our constant gathering of feedback, it is alarming how many youth and their family members are just going through the motions and trying to reach the next stage, without knowing exactly why. Many also, in the process, lose their identity due to “feedback” from the world.

At SHINE, we take our training and education not just seriously but also sincerely.


We can customise our training programmes, in terms of the audience’s profile, the environment, the resources required and your budget, to better meet your objectives. 


We are able to provide and share our expertise, working with youth and their families, on how we can best bring across information and skills that would result in a transformation of one’s life. 

We believe in nurturing. We believe that change cannot happen over a day or over a few hours. Follow up, constant communication and involvement with our youth and their families is necessary.

What makes us stand out most is that we are a Catholic company, founded on Christian values and teachings. We have over 10 years of experience working with youth and parents in various parishes, conducting talks,
leadership & empowerment programmes, formative sessions, youth rally and spiritual retreats.

We focus on Catholic Social Teaching, but on a more relatable level, areas such as Identity, Cyber Bullying, Servant Leadership, Character Formation and Community.


Our responsibility isn’t just towards our clients, but to the those we are ministering or providing this training to.

Our responsibility is to our trainers and everyone that is helping to make this effort possible.

Make us your responsibility and we’ll make you ours.